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Rev Juma is Board Chairman for JMTC

Rev Joseph C Juma and Justo Mwale Theological University College


Rev Juma was in June 2009 elected to the office of Board Chairman for Justo Mwale Theological University College for a period of 2 Terms each one made up of 3 years. He brings along experiences he acquired during his four-year tenure as the Vice Chairperson of the same Board.


His responsibilities among others as follows:


  1. Lead the Board in being responsible for the control and governance of the University College.
  2. Lead the Board in being responsible for the approval of the context of the teaching material as well as the Syllabi of the University College.
  3. Lead the board in being responsible for maintaining proper Standards of training.
  4. Lead the Board to contribute positively towards the discipline among Lecturers and Students.
  5. Lead the Board in being responsible for the facilities (physical plant of the University College and the overall development thereof.


Rev Juma had the honor of handling his first graduation ceremony as Board Chairman on November 21 2009 when two of his fellow Pastors, Rev P. Chirongo and Mr. M. Mndola graduated with their Bachelor of Theology. Rev Juma himself a holder of a Masters of Arts in Christian Education and is the longest serving General Secretary for CCAP Harare Synod and is credited with raising the level of awareness among the Pastors for further education in their respective fields.


Rev Joseph C Juma has held several other portfolios such as: - Advisor to Reformed Ecumenical Council Executive 1996 2000; Vice Moderator of the General Assembly of the five Synods Livingstonia Synod, Blantyre Synod, Nkhoma Synod, Zambia Synod and Harare Synod from 2000-2005; present Board member of Zomba Theological Board in Malawi; Co Chairman of Christian Audio Visual Action Zimbabwe; Trustee of Malawi Nationals Association in Zimbabwe and has written various religious articles which have been published such as the one on the impact of the Land Reform Program to our church.

Evangelists Training


Evangelist trained at Justo Mwale Booth Center: 6 females and 5 males:


1.            Mr. B. J. Phiri: He worked in Hwange Congregation, full time for two years until a pastor was posted to this Congregation in 2006. He is now working under Lobengula Congregation in Bulawayo.

2.            Mr. G. Botomani: He works part time with the Youth Ministry in the Synod. He has his full time job in the Police force. Graduated with a Degree in Theology at Justo Mwale Theological University College in Zambia and now an Ordinant serving Norton Congregation

3.            Mr. W. Kamanga: Finished his studies at Chasefu Theological College and now involved in full time Evangelism at Synod Level but now deployed as a full time Pastor for Mabvuku Congregation starting in 2015

4.            Mrs. M. Mwalo: She writes project proposals for the Synod on a volunteer basis. Very active in development projects and currently training as an Evangelist

5.            Mrs. C. Kazamento: She works under Highfield Congregation in Harare

6.            The Late Mrs. S. Chalimba: She was working under Marondera Congregation, unfortunately she passed away in 2008

7.            Mrs. S. Mwanza: He works under Sizinda Congregation in Bulawayo

8.            Mrs. E. Mwale: She works together with S. Mwanza

9.            Mr. Gift Phiri: He works in the Youth Department

10.       Mr. T. Ndlovu: Graduated on 21 November 2009, he is now an Ordinant at the new congregation of Zvishavane


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