CCAP Harare Synod

We Are A Living Church Serving God To His Glory
Centenary Years 1912-2012

Synod Executive Members 2018-2020

Harare Synod Executive Committee 2018-2020 Moderator: Rev A Galanti Zengeza Congregation Vice: Rev A Malemelo Chinhoyi Congregation General Secretary: Rev K Chipata City Church Congregation Vice: Rev J Mwale Sizinda Congregation Actuary: Rev M Mindola Kadoma Congregation Elders: Mr. Mavata Kadoma Congregation Mrs L Mbewe Eiffel Flats Congregation  Elections were held at the Synod Assembly 30 April May 4, 2018. 

Secretariat Staff

General Secretary:                            Rev Kingstar Chipata

Administrative Assistant:                 Vacant

Office Orderly/Messenger:               Evangelist. Masauso Banda

Rock Haven Warden:                          Evangelist Raiteni Aaron

All Church administration is done currently in 2 rooms within the General Secretary's Manse and that includes the Book Store for all Synod Literature, bookings for conferences and seminars at the Rock Haven Lay Center and hosting of any small committees on HIV/AIDS, Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) training among other things. Large gatherings are held in different churches in cities that may see other participants having to catch more than one transport to get there. The suspended Head Office Project will bring all these portfolios under one floor and more staff to work on the service projects like HIV/AIDS, Women in Projects, Orphans and Elderly Care, Youth in Action, Men & Women's Guilds among other programs.

Head Office Construction Project was suspended due to financial challenges some years back and the current Synod Executive are hopeful the project can be revived and serves a greater need for the Synod over 100 years after its founding in Zimbabwe.

Presbytery Executive Committees

Presbytery Representatives in Synod Committee


Harare Presbytery:


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Gweru Presbytery:


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Bulawayo and Highfield Presbytery

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                          Church Administrative Chart

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