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Centenary Years 1912-2012

Youth Department Structure & Operations




  1. Prayer House/Branch Level – Every prayer house must have a Youth Group. Members of the Youth Group choose a Committee from amongst themselves. The Committee is made up of a Chairman and his/her Deputy; the same applies to Secretary, Treasurer and some Committee members without portfolio, who assist those Committee members with specific positions with their work and deliberations. The Church Leadership of the prayer house, in consultation with the Youth Group, chooses two youth advisors, one male and one female. They are the link between the Youth Group and the local Church Leadership and they are also to provide guidance, counseling and encouragement to the Youth Group to continue functioning. Normally, the Youth advisors are Church elders. At our Youth Camp meetings and Conferences, those Youth advisors are supposed o accompany their Youth who will be attending them, to provide any appropriate assistance.


  1. Congregational Level – All the Youth Groups, which belong to prayer houses, which are under one congregation, choose a Steering Committee for that particular congregation. The Steering Committee members are elected from the Youth Groups under the congregation and that Committee’s main tasks are to strengthen their Youth Groups and to promote Fellowship among them.


  1. Youth Workers – These are Evangelists and/or Ministers who are appointed by the Synod to organize and co-ordinate National and/or Presbytery Youth activities, events and programmes. Every year, Youth workers prepare Youth event programmes, which give information about Youth Visits, Conferences etc for that particular year. The Youth Workers are also responsible for preparing programmes or weekly activities for the Youth Groups. It is also the responsibility of the Youth Workers to visit individual Youth Groups to see how they are faring and help, wherever necessary. Sunday Scholl teachers and catechists are also given lessons on teaching principles and skills every year, by the Youth Workers, so that they can be more effective in their teaching. In addition, Youth Workers organize Sunday School events and conventions at National Level.


  1. Youth Synodical Committee – At our biennial Synod Conference/assemblies, the Synod appoints some individuals into the Youth Committee. It is tasked with making policies for the Youth Department Nationally. Its decisions and policies are sent to the Synodical Committee for approval, before they are enforced and our congregations are informed about them. The Youth Synodical Committee normally meets thrice a year, just before the Synodical Committee meetings and it is made up of a chairperson, who is one of our Ministers, all the Youth Workers, some Women’s Guild representatives from both Presbyteries, appointed Church Elders from both Presbyteries, appointed Evangelists from both presbyteries and some Youth Group members elected by the Youth from both Presbyteries


  1. Term of Office For The Youth Committees – normally, it is two years


  1. Conferences, Conventions, Seminars, etc – Apart from camp meetings and conferences for our Youth, we hold:
    1. Youth Leadership Seminars – This is where our elected Youth Leaders are taught about their leadership roles and other leadership topics. April is the month when these Seminars are held.
    2. Youth Advisors Seminars – Our Youth Advisors meet and are taught about their roles and how to handle the Youth. These seminars are usually held in June.
    3. Synod Workers’ Children’s Conference – We normally hold these conferences in August and they are to be attended by children of our Ministers, Evangelists and other full time Harare Synod Workers. They are aimed at encouraging fellowship among those children and to teach them God’s Word, so that they can be exemplary as children of our Church Workers.


Thanks be to God for this Youth Ministry and we ask our Partners to join us in prayer for its continued success                                                                            

Report Writer – (Evg) Lovemore John (in picture above preaching and chatting with teachers for children in second picture )

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